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robert J. quinn, BUS AD '90

Robert Quinn

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”

This quote by United States President Harry Truman is very familiar to Bob Quinn, senior vice president and chief financial officer for the Milwaukee Brewers. A plaque inscribed with the words was passed from Bob’s grandfather to his father before finally landing on Bob’s desk at Miller Park.

“I must have seen this little plaque a thousand times when I would visit the ballpark as a child,” says Bob, a fourth-generation baseball executive. “They both believed in this, and it shaped not only their careers but their personal lives.”

It has also shaped his. Bob is the vice president and treasurer of Brewers Charity, Inc., which provides a tremendous amount of support to charitable organizations throughout Wisconsin. Previously, he served as vice president of finance for the San Francisco Giants.

“Working in Major League Baseball provides me the opportunity to combine a few passions: baseball, finance/business, entertainment, and community pride,” he says.

The job calls for a high level of responsibility and accountability, but Bob says his Marquette education has prepared him well.

“Marquette also contributed to a spiritual foundation that provides an underlying ethical code of conduct in my everyday life,” he says.

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