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steven r. muckerheide, sp '82


Steven Muckerheide

When Steve Muckerheide graduated from Marquette, he and a handful of other classmates headed straight for the bright lights of Hollywood, U.S.A.

“We decided that we wanted to work in pictures and television, and we knew we were ready because Marquette had prepared us to succeed,” he says.

Steve still points to his time at Marquette as the catalyst for everything that has happened since he graduated.

“Bob Turner, Jim Tiedge, Ken Ksobiech and George Wensel had a profound influence on several of us during that time,” he says. “It was those four—three faculty and one student—who pushed and pulled us along the way.”

On the West Coast, Steve worked his way up in the entertainment industry, taking on greater responsibility through positions at CBS Television City–Hollywood, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. and Columbia Pictures.

He also worked as vice president of worldwide technical operations for The Walt Disney Studios. At Disney, he oversaw all aspects of motion picture and television mastering and restoration for worldwide home video manufacturing and television broadcast distribution.

Today, Steve owns his own visual effects and interactive media production company with four other Marquette alumni: Chris Johnson, Sp ’86; Jim Culhane, Sp ’86; Brian Wensel, Bus Ad ’81; and Mike Singer, Arts, ’81. Their company is called Backlot Imaging, and it’s headquartered in Milwaukee, with offices in Hollywood and Chicago.

In addition to his Marquette degree, Steve has an M.B.A. from Pepperdine University, which he earned in 1987. He lives in Delafield, Wis., with his wife Barbara and children Katie and Mike.

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