marquette university alumni association
national board of directors

Statement of Endorsement

The Marquette University Alumni Association National Board of Directors supports the thoughtful review and recommendations of the faculty hearing committee regarding the actions of Professor John McAdams. Representing thousands of alumni around the world who share the Marquette experience and share concern for each Marquette student, the Board respects the conclusions that were based on a full examination of the facts surrounding the events. The Board further supports Dr. Lovell in his acceptance of the faculty hearing committee’s statement and recommendations. 

MUAA National Board 2016

Congratulations on achieving 100% full board giving for FY16!!

This is amazing and speaks to your commitment and dedication to the university. Thank you for your leadership.

Marquette University Alumni Association Purpose

Develop a passionate community of Marquette alumni in support of the university and each other.

National Board Purpose

The MUAA National Board of Directors assembles to offer counsel and support to Marquette University on issues and initiatives with an alumni focus. National Board members share a passion for Marquette, serve as active and engaged alumni role models, and empower and motivate fellow alumni to connect in innovative and meaningful ways with the university.

Guiding Principles

  • Continuous learning
  • Inclusivity of all people
  • Finding God in all things
  • Lifetime alumni relationships
  • Excellence, faith, leadership, service

Pedro Arrupe Award

The Pedro Arrupe Award honors an outstanding junior who has shown exemplary service to Marquette and beyond. Nominees and recipients have provided significant leadership in community service and have been advocates for those in need. There is no monetary gift with this award. All nominations will be reviewed by the MUAA National Board of Directors Awards Committee. Nominate a student for the Pedro Arrupe Award or fill out the student application.

Executive Officers

President Catherine A. La Fleur, Law '88. Catherine's welcome statement.

Vice President/President-elect Diane Munzenmaier, Arts '84

Immediate Past President M. Katharine Dillow, Bus Ad '00

MUAA National Board of Directors

Michael Addy, Bus Ad '03
Omaha, NE
Carlos Amador-Domenech, Bus Ad '06
Philadelphia, PA
Emilio Arechaederra, Bus Ad '85
Carlsbad, CA
Andrew Detesco, Jr., Arts '69
Youngstown, OH
Damarius Edwards, Bus Ad' 16
Joliet, IL
Amy Haffner, Bus Ad '10
Milwaukee, WI
George Lowery, Grad '80
Chicago, IL
Patricia Mathie, Dent Hy '84
Waukesha, WI
Emili Miller, Eng '06
Minneapolis, MN
Sandip Minhas, Eng '89
Sammamish, WA

Rachel Monaco-Wilcox, Arts '99, Law 04
Richfield, WI
Michele Owens, Bus Ad '79
La Grange Park, IL

Molly Schweiger, Comm '00
Wauwatosa, WI
Mary Beth Stanton, Arts '02
Washington, DC

KristyAnne Thompson, Law '11
Dallas, TX
Timothy Vetscher, Comm '98
Austin, TX



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