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How credits matter — the inside story.

The amount and type of credit granted from previous work differs by college at Marquette. An official credit evaluation is conducted by the academic dean’s office during the transfer admission review and is available for admitted students to view through their CheckMarq account after receiving the admission decision letter. Some things to keep in mind about credit transfer:

  • Undergraduate residency — total credits: A minimum of 60 Marquette credits is required to earn an undergraduate degree.
    Final credits: The final 30 credits needed to complete an undergraduate degree must be Marquette credits or come from an OIE-approved study abroad program.
    Upper-division credits: A minimum of 32 upper-division Marquette credits is required to earn a Marquette undergraduate degree
    Major credits: A minimum of 15 Marquette credits in the major is required to earn a Marquette undergraduate degree.

  • The maximum number of transferable credits from two-year colleges may not exceed one-half the number of semester hours required of graduation for a degree program. With this in mind, this sets the limit at a range of 64-67 credits.

  • Most associate degree credits transfer.

  • Any course completed at a regionally accredited university with a grade of C or better will be considered for transfer credit regardless of the method of delivery.

  • Trade school, job training, military experience, physical education or continuing education courses typically do not transfer.

  • Credits may be transferred only for courses completed with a grade of C or higher.

  • A preliminary unofficial credit evaluation can be conducted by using our online credit evaluator.


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